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Terra Dawn is a Health & Wellness Coach passionately inspiring others to be the best they can be, through Self Love, Self Discovery and Empowerment by utilizing their time with Intention & Purpose!

Her college education, background in Human Services, and her mission to a healthy lifestyle due to chronic disease, as well as her work with life improvement seminars, is what has lead her to the path of coaching in a WHOLE manner - body, mind and spirit. It was during her journey to discovering self love, while parenting her 3 children, as well as working as a single mom, that allowed her to understand the importance of setting goals, setting priorities and making Time Management a significant priority. This would allow her to have the freedom and balance she required in all areas of her life, in order to be the mom her children deserved and the woman she wanted to be.

Terra has also learned that standing up, time and time again, against the face of challenge and adversity would allow her to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring her to more of what she wants in life, while helping others learn from her experiences and triumphs.

Terra is incredibly excited to guide you on your own path to Self Love, Self Discovery and Empowerment through the power of Time Management!

She looks forward to connecting with you!