Chris Holder

Executive. Entrepreneur. World Class Sales Expert: Customer Acquisition
Guru. Branding & Marketing Genius. Life Coach. Motivational Speaker.

Chris Holder is a sought after Speaker & Consultant to companies seeking to grow their customer base rapidly, exponentially with loyalty. He is the author of Tips to Success, a self-help book that walks readers through a process to achieving their personal life goals, and is a renown Motivational Speaker for troubled schools throughout the nation about self-belief and achieving the impossible.

Chris Holder is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rejuvenetics, LLC., a company that he cofounded in 2013 to increase the access to health and vitality for individuals and families worldwide. He singlehandedly created their marketing and branding infrastructure, salesforce, and increased revenue exponentially in under 2 years. Under his leadership, Rejuvenetics increased in revenue from $60K per year to $600K per year developed a 100+

member sales team and distribution sites locally and globally from ground zero. Chris is an executive with incredible business acumen, a knack for building relationships and expertise in finance and operations.