Coach Cashmir

Coach Cashmir is the son of a preacher (non-denominational). He played soccer and baseball from five to fourteen years old, and basketball from thirteen to eighteen to be with more of his community. From the church to sports teams, teamwork was instilled in him. Health was also a part of the ministry. He watched members get prayed for and have miracles come into their lives, but then saw those same miracles fade from bad habits practiced at home. Coach Cashmir saw it as a problem in the ministry and this gave him his purpose to find the solution.

When he graduated high school, he no longer had to eat what was put in front of him, and so the journey began. Since then, he has personally been a part of countless transformations, helping men, women and children from ages seven to seventy years old. He has assisted with weight gain, weight loss, muscle building, sports training and more. His greatest accomplishment has been assisting three different individuals lose 100
pounds and more.

“I am here to assist you in your body and fitness goals and I know we can do it!”