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Dr Nicole Bramwell opened CFI Weight Loss August 27, 2013, after becoming frustrated with the limited time to counsel patients and families on proper nutrition & maintaining a healthy weight. She felt follow up with patients every few months was inadequate & ineffective in making a true difference in her patients’ health & wellbeing.

Dr. Bramwell, also affectionately known as Dr. B, has been married for almost 20 years & is mother to an inspiring teenaged daughter. Dr. Bramwell graduated from Howard University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. She earned an MBA from Webster University during her year as Chief Resident &Junior Faculty at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando Florida.

After 4 years as subsection chief at Halifax Health Pediatric Emergency Department in Daytona Beach Florida, Dr. Bramwell trained Pediatric Residents at Arnold and Winnie Palmer Hospitals for 12 years. Before launching her weight loss practice, she held the position of Pediatric Residency Program Chairperson as her last, of many, leadership positions during her tenure at A&WPH. She has over 20 years of vast clinical experience & has served in numerous leadership roles.

Knowing a healthy weight and habits are a lifelong commitment, Dr. Bramwell eagerly guides and coaches her clients to overcome varied ailments related to insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension & obesity in adults and children 4 yrs to 99+.

Dr. Bramwell knows most people feel they should be able to reach their goals on pure will power; however, the truth is, if we do not ask for help most of us will surely fail. Her belief that coaching, accountability and support has guided many to success in releasing weight, but also improving self image and self confidence lead her to The Richway.

Dr. Nicole Bramwell brings her compassionate and uplifting approach to The Richway to guide The Richway Family on their life journey to health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.