Kelly Gervais

Kelly is a strategic thinker, personal enrichment coach and leadership developer. He believes that leaders are not born, they are created. In today’s age there are great opportunities that exist for strong leadership, especially for entrepreneurs and when raising a family. This is why he’s invested in his own personal and leadership development in order to fulfill his entrepreneurial objectives and be the best father for his children.

Kelly grew in a small blue collar oil town, where he seen his parents work multiple jobs just to be able to put him through sports. His father always encouraged him to do his best, work hard, and if he wanted something, figure out a plan and go get it. Kelly has been working as a Power Engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry for 15 years. In that time he both experienced being the CEO of his own oilfield contracting company as well as an employee for a major corporation. With that, came a host of learning experiences from good leadership and bad managers.  He truly values entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

From a young age Kelly played competitive sports and also competed at a professional level in Mixed Martial Arts. His significant experience learning from various coaches and training methods/disciplines has helped him realize the importance of great leadership, coaching, and mentoring and the exponential growth individuals can gain in their personal and professional life. He is the father of two young children, has a strong passion to mentor the youth, help strengthen their mindset and build the confidence needed to pursue their passions and not conform to society. Some key areas of focus are on time management, wealth creation, leadership development, accountability and physical fitness to live a balanced and Rich life. True freedom comes from strategic planning, discipline, sacrifice and execution.  Be Brave, Be Your Best