Chapter #10 Health

"Self-care is at the beginning of health-care." 

Chapter #11 Wellness 

"Wellness is more than being free from disease or infirmity, it is the dynamic process of balance." 

Chapter #12 Sickness 

"Sickness and the matter of healing touches every one of us."


Chapter #13 JOY 

"Joy is much richer than happiness and is often found at the corner of success and significance."

Chapter #14 CONTENTMENT 

"Contentment is not complacency. Be content with what you have and patient for what is to come."

Chapter #15 PAIN 

"Great power, toughness, and strength come over to those who overcome hardship." 


Chapter #16 FOOD 

"One cannot sleep well, think well or do well if one cannot eat well."

Chapter #17 SHELTER 

"Your shelter is your home, and the heart of your home is your family."

Chapter #18 CLOTHING

"Clothing is a basic need in our world for three main reasons; physical, psychological and social."