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Nicole Henderson

Nicole was born and raised in New York City in Manhattan ( Spanish Harlem). She Grew up in the projects with her mom dad and three siblings in a 3 bedroom 1 bath apartment.

Nicole & her mom relocated to Jacksonville, Fl in her Jr. year of high school. After high school she joined the United States Army and became a Licensed Practical Nurse. After her Army career, she attended Hampton University for nursing. While at the end of her Jr. year of college Nicole gave birth to her oldest son on Easter Sunday April 2001. People thought she would drop out, well they thought wrong! Giving up was Not an option! She took one week of school off to recover, all-though her classmates,were at her house that whole week getting help studying for finals that were upcoming the next week. She always had a gift to break things down so she could talk and teach to whom ever she came in contact. Nicole went back to class that following Monday with her newborn and took her finals. She graduated her senior year with Cum Laude honors and her Bachelors degree in Nursing. She was now a Registered Nurse and although she started in the ICU field, Nicole was able to transfer to Labor & Delivery which was her passion. She was the first nurse to transfer to Labor & Delivery with no L&D experience.

Nicole worked two jobs after her second son was 6 weeks old. The market crashed which took the household from a two household to only her income and then she now became a single mother of two boys. Again giving up was Not an option.

It is when Nicole began teaching “ teenage Bible Study” at her her church did she realize speaking was her true passion and calling from God. She then served in a different capacity and started a ministry called 4G ( Four Women of God). These four ladies would fellowship and serve food or snacks to the members of the church while they were rehearsing or working their ministry.

Now Nicole has a daughter whom nickname is “Blessing.” This little lady of 2 years old has wisdom beyond her years. Her moms mission is to teach Blessing the love of God and to be obedient to His Word. Also, to make sure all three of her children know and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. As a single mother of three Nicole is fortunate to always have a village to help her with the kids because giving up is Not an option!

What you’ll get on this journey with Nicole aka Nurse Henderson:

- An Alpha female who will teach you that Hopelessness is Not an Option!

- Teach you how to develop a plan B,C,D or however many back up plans you need

• Words of encouragement to help you through difficult times in your season

- Teach you to Always look at the glass half full! Looking at it half empty is Not an option! Renewing of your mind to a positive mind set.

• How vacation is a Must so you can recharge- rest & relaxation

• Teach you how to Effectively cope, when troubles, adversity & negativity hit you down to your soul in your darkest hour.

• How to be the best you so you can be a Blessing to someone else.

A few verses I look to and have named:

RichWay verse
Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share
1 Timothy 6:18 NIV

Mother verse
Not only so but let us also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character, and character, hope.
Romans 5: 3-4 NIV

1Life verse
Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and Never stop praying!
Romans 12:12


“I have been friends with Nicole for 30 plus years. We have shared ups and downs together and have grown together. One thing that has been a constant in our relationship is her resilience. Even when we were young she would talk about having a Plan B when the first plan didn’t go through. She actually taught me to be resilient, she made me think outside of the box and know that there are always options. Nicole has been more than a friend to me, she has been a mentor, a sister, and a force of positivity. She makes it hard for someone to be down and out around her. Her strength and perseverance remain to be her outward armour. I’m proud to call her my friend, my sister.”

- C. Jackson

“I had the most phenomenal L&D nurse ever! Nicole Henderson, I could not have had so much joy in my birthing experiences had it not been for you! I am so honored to have had you there during both of my deliveries! I couldn’t imagine either one without you! You were my focal point both times and an awesome labor coach! Thank you for being you and being so awesome to me and my little family! We love you!”

- B. Escobar

“I've known this kindhearted, friend, mother and just genuine person for years. She has been a positive motivator and inspirational voice when no one else was been able to understand my situation. Through the ups and downs Nicole not only has opened her home but her heart to allow her gift to shine. I am not only proud to call her my friend but blessed that God has allowed her positive gift to show and help others in ways unimaginable. When she enters a room a positive presence feels the area and you know that this New Yorker is here!”

- A. Nixon