Powerful Vision

Eagles have extremely powerful vision. Their eyes are specially designed for long-distance focus with clarity. They can even spot another eagle soaring from 50 miles away. As vision is a vital part of the role of an eagle, the same holds true in the role of a strong leader. Joya Tynes, the first certified Personal Enrichment Coach of the RichWay Program, definitely exudes this trait. From the time Joya entered the RichWay program, she quickly caught the vision of our CEO to create an epic movement and global impact. Introduced into the program by Lajoy Henry, she eagerly ran with the corporate vision and quickly dominated the Virginia market. Because of Joya’s eagle-like vision, she has been now has the ability to both see reality clearly as well as what the future entails. This characteristic alone has allowed her to soar high above the crowd.


An eagle never surrenders to its prey, no matter its strength or size. It always puts up a fight to win the battle or regain its territory. When it comes to this characteristic, Joya Tynes and eagles are one in the same. During her time in this program, like any other person, Joya has experienced her share of adversities. Although there were moments when she could have thrown in the towel or made excuses she chose to persevere. At times, Joya was given tasks that required her to tread in unfamiliar waters, but not once did she ever allow herself to become overtaken with fear. As Joya continues to grow as a leader, her level of resilience and fearless execution separates her from the pack.


Have you ever watched an eagle when a storm comes? Other birds fly away as quickly as possible to take shelter, but an eagle spreads its mighty wings and uses the current of the storm to soar to greater heights. It takes advantage of the very storm that other birds fear to propel itself to higher heights. Without a doubt, Joya definitely has displayed tenacity on more than one occasion. Despite adversity, confusion, inconvenience, or misfortune- this leader goes above and beyond to make things happen. Not once has she ever allowed an obstacle to stand in her way. Like an eagle, Joya has used every temporary set back as stepping stone to get to the next level. For that, The RichWay celebrates her. Congratulates Joya Tynes on becoming the first certified personal enrichment coach. You are undoubtedly deserving.