Chapter #1 MAN 

"Man must learn to be comforted within himself with the testimony of a good conscience."

Chapter #2 WOMAN 

"A great woman ages gracefully; she doesn't look to chase her youth, but does look youthful."

Chapter #3 CHILD 

"There is nothing on this earth that is more bright and more hopeful than a child." 


Chapter #4 WATER 

"Water provides the earth with the capacity of supporting life."

Chapter #5 AIR 

"Each breath we take depends on the breath we took just before."

Chapter #6 LAND 

"The same elements that form the material world can also be found within the characteristics of man."


Chapter #7 WORK 

"Work always reveals something about the one who is doing the work." 

Chapter #8 R &R (REST)

"When you rest, there is a base level of mental tension that totally evaporates."

Chapter #9 SLEEP 

"Sleep is the most important thing to your health."