"The same selfishness that propels an individual to robbery also propels an individual to righteousness."

Chapter #20 REPENTANCE

"Repentance is the most beloved and noble form of obedience in the eyes of the Spirit of the Universe."

Chapter #21 EMPATHY 

"The reason why bullying is so problematic in schools today is that many children don't know how to empathize."


Chapter #22 CHARITY 

"Charity unites us with the Spirit of the Universe and is the most basic but excellent of the virtues." 

Chapter #23 COOPERATION 

"Together we are better and we must work together to bring the circle of life into balanced."

Chapter #24 COMPETITION 

"It's perfectly fine to struggle and compete. Right fight against wrong all the time." 


Chapter #25 ATTRACTION 

"The law of attraction does not mean you get what you want; it means you get what you attract."

Chapter #26 LOVE

"There are three types of love; divine-love, develop-love and desire-love."

Chapter #27 SEX 

"Sex without love is a wasteful and self-destructive force."