RichWay Facilitator

Teri Moore comes from Las Vegas NV. She was born to a South Korean Mother who was an entrepreneur and a Black American Father who was 25 years retired United States Military. She learned to adapt, embrace, and appreciate many cultures. Teri has overcome childhood abuse by her alcoholic Father, raped at 15, attempted suicide at 15, a full time care giver of her terminally ill Mom and then losing her Mom to cancer at 18. She still graduated high school with a 3.3 GPA, and was recognized amongst Who's Who of America's High School students. She ended up homeless after leaving her childhood home due to abuse. Regardless of her adversities, she went on to pursue a BA in Human Service Management and work full-time. Eventually, she rebuilt a relationship with her Father whom abused her from age 8-21. She cared for him through his multiple illnesses and his subsequent death. Since both her parents are deceased, she has been sole legal guardian of her brother with Down Syndrome for the past 8 years.

Ms. Moore was told as a child that she could not be a model because she was too short, not Asian enough, not Black enough, and just does not fit a normal industry category. She decided to embark on a successful modeling and acting career despite what she was told by that one person. She was then able to travel and work in many projects around the United States.

In addition to an accumulated 15 years in entertainment, Ms. Moore has been a parent and child advocate, youth mentor, and worked with people with special needs. She has taken her life experiences and made them life lessons. She decided to use stumbling blocks as steps towards building healthy relationships with herself, family, friends, and people who were willing to welcome her in their life. She chose to not repeat her tragedies, but to learn to heal, and to help YOU to find the lessons to heal, be confident and drive YOUR perseverance for life success.

When Ms. Moore says, she has been through and triumphed tough life challenges, she says it from experience. She loves to serve people by helping them triumph over their life challenges.

Teri Moore's class is titled Own Your Sexy, complete ownership of SELF. This class is offered to walk you through accepting all parts of you. Learn to own your good, bad, ugly and the great parts of your life. Her class aims at helping you work towards liberating yourself. You deserve to reveal your greatest level of confidence yet seen.