Being a part of the Richway has been career changing!  The biggest impact on my career has been learning a new way of networking and connecting with people that years ago I would have never done!  I'm so grateful to be a part of the Richway and to tap into quality and affordable mentorship!

Joelle Nwoke 

Blindsided by an MS diagnosis 3 days after Christmas, I find myself walking a new path.  A challenging and beautiful gift, given in what we trust is perfect timing.    My steps are ordered by the One Who made me-gives me joy, and a reason to keep walking into my purpose.  

Called to inspire, encourage, and uplift...challenging myself and others, to find balance, and joy in every season!  RichWay gives consistent opportunities to do just that.

We are a diverse family, where growth is expected and celebrated...goals set, and met.

Donna Thomas

When I came upon The Richway, I was hesitant, as it was brand new.   But when I took the step to enroll and feel it out, I got everything I was looking for and a whole lot more!   I was looking for a way to be on purpose every single day, continuing my venture as a life coach.  I got that!    AND The Richway is allowing me to have a platform to build from! Can't get much better than that!!  I am so grateful for what this program has done for me!

Terra Dawn

“Love this, Donna! Need this reminder often. Be a victor, not a victim, in God’s strength! Thank you…!” 


"I needed to hear this today Thank you for your encouragement”


“Preach it, Donna!!! Beautiful words of wisdom!…” 


“One can feel and see your words are loaded with love, and you are sharing what you have learned from the bottom of your heart. Just beautiful.” 


“You inspire me!” 


Amanda is full of energy, love and sass. She has a huge heart and doesn't hesitate to say what she is thinking. Her authenticity is her greatest gift. She is real, gritty and determined to make a difference with every person she connects with. She is a magnet for those who have struggled with addictions and is able to guide them on a new path. This girl is gifted in so many ways and is shining her light as a beacon to all who are hurting.
She can help! We have had the opportunity to coach with Amanda and have seen the amazing results and clarity that those she focuses on achieve! If you are drawn to work with Amanda, we are confident that you are in good hands and will be mentored with honesty and passion.

Denise R

This amazing soul did some major spiritual work on me and opened my eyes to so many Buried things I was unaware of . She showed me a future I could never imagine and tapped into my deepest desires. Amanda you are a gift to the World ! Thank you for showing me what you did and having a heart of gold with raw honesty.

Tiffany M

Amanda helped me get through the toughest parts of my separation/divorce. She made me better mentally and was there all through my physical journey of losing 55 pounds in a year and being proud of me and in return I felt so good and found my inner strength. She is an asset to anyone that wants to change their life for the better and has an ear for all with no judgement, just friendly, encouraging advice and a helping hand. Love this girl!!

Michelle S